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For Younger Players

Celebrate your child's birthday or special event at QuickShot Paintball for one of the most unique experiences your son or daughter will ever experience.

Safety is our first priority. We're one of the ONLY fields in New Jersey that offers Low-Impact Paintball parties (50 cal guns) specifically for younger players 8-12 years of age. The 50 cal guns use smaller paintballs which move at slower speeds so they won't hurt the kids.

Another great option for the young ones is the Gel-Blaster! The latest party rage which shoots soft, water-filled pellets, meaning NO MESS and easy on the skin!!

No matter what type of party you'll be hosting, all rental equipment will be clean and in top-notch condition. We have a full complement of game referees that know the games, know the equipment and know how to keep your children safe.

Mighty Joe's Food Mart

Don't forget, we're attached to the famous Mighty Joe's Food Mart which serves up one of the finest breakfast and lunch menus in the area. The cooking and delicacies of our own Iron Chef "Vincenzo" are sure to please the most discriminating group with something for everyone! Try his delicious pizza, fries, hoagies, cheesesteaks or chicken fingers.

Send the kids off to play in the capable hands of our game referees, sit back and enjoy a piping hot cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich, or a lunchtime icy cold drink and hoagie.

If you need any deli meats and cheeses, gas for the vehicles, air for the tires, propane for your grill, chopped wood for the fireplace, cash from the ATM, we've got that too. A true one-stop shop!