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We've been Shamong, NJ's preferred paintball park for over 15 years

Head out to QuickShot Paintball for paintball/airsoft battlefields and the biggest paintball & airsoft pro shop in the Tri-State area. You and your friends can choose from seven different paintball fields and our airsoft town, rent top-of-the-line equipment and stock up on all paintball/airsoft accessories.

If Paintball isn't your favorite pastime, check out our Low-Impact Paintball, Airsoft, and Gel-Blasters options. Visit our location in Shamong, New Jersey today to see what we have to offer.

Put that simulation training to work

Next time someone complains about how much time you spend playing video games, tell them to meet you at the paintball park. QuickShot Paintball maintains seven different fields for...


Woodsball, Speedball, Tournament! 8 AWESOME fields to choose from. Great Pro-Shop. HUGE inventory. We've got it all!

Low-Impact Paintball

Low impact paintballs are smaller, lighter, more fragile and travel at a lower velocity. These paintballs deliver less sting upon impact!


Similar to paintball in concept and gameplay, airsoft pellets don't leave markings on their target. Get the excitement of paintball without the cleanup. Great Pro-Shop and HUGE inventory of guns and accessories!


GEL-BLASTERS is active play for the entire family. Safe, fun, accurate. Get in the Game!

Reserve your spot at our QuickShot fields in Shamong, NJ.

What you'll find at our Pro-Shops

To keep our games an enjoyable and safe activity, we provide high-quality Paintball and Airsoft accessories at our Paintball and Airsoft Pro-Shops in Shamong, NJ. You can shop for Paintball/Airsoft guns, protective eyewear, vests, uniforms and a wide range of other gear.