Nerf battles have never been more intense

Take your Nerf battles out of the backyard and into the arena by scheduling a Nerf party at Quickshot Paintball. Why should you let us host your child's Nerf war birthday party? Reserving one of our Nerf gun fields is...

  • Simple: Why go through the hassle of converting your backyard into a Nerf war zone when you can give your child an entire battlefield?
  • Cost-effective: Instead of buying Nerf equipment for everyone on the guest list, buying targets and hides, save money by coming to Quickshot Paintball.
  • Memorable: Your child and their friends will never forget a trip to Shamong, NJ's Nerf gun fields.
Don't worry about providing your party with Nerf equipment. Visit our rental shop to choose your favorite Nerf gun from the Rival series.